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  • Polemi concentration camp Pafos

    Polemi concentration camp Pafos

    A concentration camp in Polemi once housed 400 Eoka suspects in the final days of their campaign As one of Europe’s foremost tourist destinations, Cyprus prefers to focus on its beaches, archaeological sites and traditional villages, but it is also home to several non-clichéd places that are of special interest to dark tourists. For those […]

  • The Cyprus Railway

    The Cyprus Railway

    Cyprus Government Railway The Cyprus Government Railway was a 2 ft 6 in (762 mm) narrow gauge railway network that operated in Cyprus from October 1905 to December 1951. With a total length of 76 miles (122 km), there were 39 stations, stops and halts, the most prominent of which served Famagusta, Prastio Mesaoria, Angastina, […]

  • Roman Cyprus – Cypriot History

    Roman Cyprus – Cypriot History

    Roman Cyprus Cypriot History OVERVIEW The Imperium Romannum differed fundamentally from Alexanders [the Great] empire in its social system, in its government, and as a geopolitical structure. The main territory and the centre of the power now lay in the west, while the control over part of the Near East (which Seleucid empire had already […]