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Loan Re-Structuring & Settlement

Do you qualify for a loan re-structure?

Types of complaints we see

The complaints we see about unaffordable or irresponsible lending usually involve the borrower saying their credit was unaffordable and that they believe the lender acted irresponsibly in providing the funds.

Handling a complaint like this

We only look at complaints that you’ve had a chance to look at first. If a customer complains and you don’t respond within the time limits or they disagree with your response, then they can come to us. 

What we look at

In the same way as for other types of complaint, when a consumer contacts us about unaffordable or irresponsible lending we’ll ask:

  • Did the lender do everything it was required to do?
  • And if they didn’t, has their customer lost out as a result?

As with every case, our answer to a complaint will reflect what’s fair and reasonable in the circumstances. And in considering what’s fair and reasonable, we’ll consider relevant law and regulation, regulators’ rules, guidance and standards, codes of practice, and what we consider to be good industry practice at the time.

If there are disagreements about the facts, we’ll make our decision about what probably happened using evidence provided by you, your customer and relevant third parties.

When a borrower complains about credit having been provided irresponsibly we’ll ask questions such as:

  • Did the lender complete reasonable and proportionate checks to satisfy itself that the borrower would be able to repay any credit in a sustainable way?
  • If reasonable and proportionate checks were completed was a fair lending decision made?
  • If reasonable and proportionate checks weren’t carried out, what would reasonable and proportionate checks more likely than not have shown?
  • Bearing in mind the circumstances, at the time of each application (or increase in credit), was there a point where the lender ought reasonably to have realised it was increasing the borrower’s indebtedness in a way that was unsustainable or otherwise harmful and so shouldn’t have provided further credit?
  • Did the lender act unfairly or unreasonably in some other way?

How does it work?

We have a team of professional accountants, who specialise in looking in to every detail of your loan, more often than not, when people feel the need to complain, there is a reason and if there are any overcharges, they will find them.

Once your loan account has been professionally scrutinised, we then set to work negotiating with the lender(or receiver if your loan is in default) and we negotiate a portion of your debt to be written off, this can range in value, but sometimes the amount that is ‘written off’ is significant.

It is important to address this as soon as possible, because once the case reaches the courts, the cost can spiral and this can make a reasonable settlement much more difficult to achieve.

Want to know more?

If you are in a difficult situation with a loan do not delay!


Depending on which solution(s) you qualify for, they may include benefits such as guarantees to freeze interest and charges. If you qualify for these solutions you will have them explained to you in full, including their advantages and disadvantages and any costs or fees so you have a balanced and thorough understanding of the solutions you qualify for. You can then make your own informed decision on how you would like to proceed. Everybody’s individual circumstances are different, so get in touch today for free, no obligation support and advice.

There is no catch but dealing with debt means you have to budget. For a solution to succeed in clearing your debt you must make sure that you don’t promise to pay more than you can realistically afford. You might be surprised to learn that your creditors are likely to agree to accept less than you expected once they understand you are taking advice and action to sort your debts out.

All we can do is see. We understand that everybody has different circumstances, which is why we encourage you to always get in touch and let us know your story. Let us see if we can help. We will focus on what you can actually afford rather than what your creditors are demanding. Most people qualify for at least one form of debt help and you will always be given information on whatever you qualify for, including debt solutions which may result in your debts being written off completely.

We will recommend to you the amount you should offer to your creditors. Your creditors are obliged to allow you to keep enough of your income so that you have a reasonable standard of living. We will advise you how much you should offer as a fair payment towards your debts while making sure you keep enough of your income to cover payment of your living expenses. Even though this may mean that your creditors will end up receiving less than you owe them, your creditors are still likely to accept the payment offer we recommend.

Most debt solutions will allow you to keep your assets; in fact some even protect them! If you become bankrupt most of your assets will be automatically transferred to the Official Receiver. You will be allowed to keep household furniture and equipment and your car provided it is not worth more than £1,000. If you are a homeowner your interest in your house, i.e. the amount you would expect to receive after payment of your mortgage and the costs of sale will be transferred to the Official Receiver. A Debt Expert can help you by explaining the advantages and disadvantages of the various solutions so that you can choose the solution that is best for your individual circumstances

Fees are payable for the accountant services, which are essential to your case, because their report will arm us with the information that we need to contest the balance demanded by your lender.

Once we have a strong case, we simply charge a small percentage of the reduction, which will invariably save you thousands of Euros.

A Debt Counsellor will help you determine this. When convenient we will review your income and your expenditure together. We will assess a fair and realistic amount you can afford after making sure you can pay priority bills like rent, gas, council tax etc. Then we will review what you pay towards normal everyday costs. Once we have done that we will be able to see what’s available to pay to your creditors. We will always aim to make sure you have a reasonable standard of living. This means we will never recommend that you pay an amount you couldn’t afford or sustain, which could later result in problems such as stress because you missed payments. More often than not we are able to arrange a payment, which is a lot more affordable for you than you may have previously thought possible.

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